Transportation services

Transport has a key role in the implementation of the objectives of logistics. Therefore, it is essential that, when choosing a company to carry out this activity, you choose the right one for you.

You need transportation services, logistics and forwarding? You have come to the right place!

Choose us and your choice will be correct, as you will get quality service at the best price at any time throughout the year - no exceptions, including national holidays.

Our partners are specialized in international transport and logistics of various loads. In the field of road transport we can offer competitive prices for the transportation of complete and partial loads from/to and on the territory of Europe, as well as on the territory of the USA and Canada.

We provide:

  • A continuous flow of supplies of any kind of cargo to all our destinations. We take both loads with small volume (one pallet) and large one; the large ones are carried with specialized transport;

  • The best route for the delivery of goods, which, in turn, leads to a reduction in the transportation costs. For this purpose, we use software to draw routes which best meet the needs of the client;

  • Optimal loading of the vehicles, to be able to transport a maximum amount of production, goods, materials, which results in lower costs of transport cargo units;

  • Mechanization of loading and unloading, which leads to a reduction of the total time needed for transportation and hence, a reduction in the transportation costs;

  • Attention to the load of the customer;

  • We will do all that is needed to prevent  deformation, breakage, waste or misuse of the goods we transport;

  • If something happens to the goods of the client during transportation, the company takes responsibility for any damage suffered;

  • We use modern systems to monitor the status of your shipment. Also, our clients can connect to our server from any point in the world in real time and observe where the vehicle is; our clients can see the distance travelled and the fuel consumed, as well as a graphical representation of the route.


Our consultants can assist on which mode or combination would best suit a client’s needs while maintaining value for money and speed of delivery. Please, fill out our enquiry form or contact us: or phone number: +1 540 292 71 13