Accounting & tax services for companies & sole proprietors

IGM Consulting offers professional accounting and tax consulting services for companies operating in Bulgaria in all areas related to the financial and accounting process in an organization - accounting, financial and tax consulting, and payroll.

Depending on your organizational structure, we will help you manage your financial and accounting process either as a fully outsourced service, or in coordination with your company’s accounting department.

The geographic location of your business is not an obstacle for us. We offer online accounting services, without the need to know about accounting. This is a secure online business opportunity to maintain your accounting date to submit all required documents to the NRA, NSSI, etc.

What should you do?

You can scan or copy your documents and send them to our e-mail and ask to work with us. We will save cost, time, administrative work and money. For many companies, a large part of their business is done online. Invoicing, banking, submitting documents to the NRA, Statistics and other government agencies is a completely electronic process. All types of documents can be scanned and converted into electronic files for easy handling and archiving.


  • Bookkeeping according the national and international accounting standards;
  • VAT tax declaration reporting;
  • Representation before tax authorities;
  • Annual financial statement preparation;
  • Preparation of employment contracts and their registration in the NRA;
  • Additional agreements to contracts and registration NRA;
  • Preparation of payroll for wages;
  • Preparation of payment orders to the amount of insurance payable monthly;
  • Fees paid bills;
  • Orders for termination of registration of contracts and the NRA;
  • Orders for leave under the Labour Code;
  • Evidence of work experience;
  • Official income;
  • Statements of income;
  • Preparation of contracts management and control registration in NSSI;
  • Declaration and registration of self-employed in the NRA.