EU programmes and projects


We will assist you in the preparation of the package of documents for funding under EU and othe donor programs, as well as overall project management .

Our team of experts has a cumulative experience in the implementation of projects from various EU funds. We offer a professional and high – quality project management with knowledge transfer and training of your employees so they will, in the future, be able to independently carry out the implementation of projects financed from EU fund.

High-quality preparation and implementation of the project is the most important part of using the grants from the EU funds.

Applicants wishing to use EU grants have to be aware that the procedure of obtaining grants can be time consuming while getting funds.

Grants are awarding only after the approval of the last financial statement and the accompanying evidence about the proper use and management of the grant.

Preparation and drafting of projects for funding under the EU and other donor programs

 After careful analysis of opportunities towards the preparation of the respective draft proposal.



  • Finding suitable funding programs for your ideas;
  • Consultation on the compliance of the idea and the organization complies with the funding program;
  • Preparation and drafting of a project proposal, assistance in the preparation of supporting documentation for the application, as required by the funding program;
  • Independent check of all project documentation and evaluation of project proposals according to the criteria for evaluating the program.


After approval of a project for funding follows a new phase of work.

Experience shows that a majority of beneficiaries does not manage to use 100% of provided grant funds due to poor planning and failure to comply with procedures, and it often happens that users have to return awarded grant funds

The implementation and management of projects funded by the EU include planning of project activities, human resources management, familiarizing with parts of the Grant Agreement and contractual rights and obligations of users, reporting on project and budget management of the project.

Also, it is important to consider and anticipate all possible problems that may arise in the project implementation in a timely fashion, including the process of public procurement.



  • Ensuring project monitoring from a technical and administrative point of view;
  •  Ensuring the implementation of the contract in the correct manner and in accordance with the deadlines;
  • Ensuring timely detection of deviations in contract performance;
  •  Implementation of measures for mitigation or elimination of discrepancies or other deficiencies in the contract;
  • Approval of the report drawn up by contracting parties;
  • Visiting the project location;
  • Monitoring activities in relation to the work plan approved in the initial phase of the project;
  • Monitoring of expenditures related to the budget approved in the contract;
  • Contacts with all parties involved in project implementation;
  • Resolving and monitoring problems;
  • Preparation of reports and consequent decisions / recommendations (eg. requests for amendments to the contract, etc.);
  • Changes of the contract (if necessary);
  • After the beginning of the execution of the contract, procurement specialist prepares a plan of activities related to monitoring of the implementation including a visit of the project location.